At Hospice of South Louisiana, we greatly appreciate the work our volunteers do. Volunteering with those in hospice care is not only a selfless act of kindness, but it also has many benefits for our patients and those who answer the call to volunteer. Because the service is so valuable to all parties, we would like to raise awareness for hospice volunteer opportunities so more people know how to get involved.


Why Become a Hospice Volunteer?

The answer to this question will be different for everyone. However, for most people, volunteering offers the perfect opportunity to give back to the community and do some good.


Since those who are in hospice require extensive care, the service we provide in hospice is invaluable to the elderly, the infirmed, and their families. It ensures the utmost comfort for our patients and offers ease and peace of mind for their loved ones. Volunteering for those in hospice care allows you to personally make a difference in a lot of peoples’ lives.


This quality time our volunteers spend with our patients is rewarding in many different ways. You form meaningful bonds with patients, their families, and other loved ones that you never would have otherwise. This experience offers volunteers a deeper perspective and valuable life lessons.


This kind of service and lifestyle is great for your mental health. You can expect to experience increased happiness, decreased loneliness, a feeling of interconnectedness, and an improved sense of well-being. Surprisingly, volunteer work has been speculated to have physical health benefits as well, like decreased blood pressure and a longer lifespan.


Volunteering for those in hospice care also opens doors to different opportunities in life. If you’re applying to college or a new job, volunteer hours on your resume reflect very well. You may even find your calling and pursue a career in patient care or the medical field.


How Do Hospice Volunteers Help?

The duties of the hospice volunteer include a little bit of everything and depend on the facility; however, there are similarities shared between all hospice companies. At Hospice of South Louisiana, volunteers can expect to:


  • Spend valuable time with patients to keep them company and entertain them.
  • Stay with patients while families or caregivers run errands or have some free time.
  • Help out with office duties like bereavement support calls, mailings, or answering the phone.
  • Offer services related to their specialties like cutting hair, music therapy, or sewing.
  • Help set up events like fairs or charity events.
  • Perform light housekeeping.


This is simply an overview of common duties volunteers tend to perform, but it gives you a good sense of what you can expect in any hospice volunteer opportunity.


What Do Hospice Volunteers Do on a Daily Basis?

Hospice volunteers choose the amount of time they wish to work, and their daily duties reflect the center’s or patients’ needs for any particular day. At Hospice of South Louisiana, time spent with patients is scheduled in advance. This time could include anything between sitting with a patient to helping a patient with a meal.


Apart from spending time with patients, hospice volunteers can expect to do some clerical work around the office.


Am I Eligible to Become a Hospice Volunteer?

Since our top priority is to provide the best care possible, there are a few requirements applicants must meet in order to become a hospice volunteer. Applicants at Hospice of South Louisiana must attend a brief interview and position overview, undergo training, pass a background check, and test negative for TB.


Where Can I Take Advantage of Hospice Volunteer Opportunities?

Hospice of South Louisiana has been a leader in hospice care since 1987. Our mission is to provide the best care possible for our patients and support their families and friends in every way we can. We’re proud of our track record in providing these services, and we want everyone to know that volunteering at Hospice of South Louisiana is a worthwhile experience. If you’re interested in taking the first step to becoming a hospice volunteer, read about us online, give us a call at 985.868.3095, or email us at