Healthcare Professionals

Hospice care is most beneficial when started at the appropriate time. In fact, our patients often tell us they wish they had known about hospice sooner. It’s time to think differently about what hospice is and how this interdisciplinary care can benefit your patient.

Let us partner with you to provide solutions to the care your patient or resident needs. Call us today at 985.868.3095 or toll free at 888.893.3829.

If you are a physician or health care provider, you can make a referral to Hospice of South Louisiana quickly and conveniently. Upon receiving your referral, someone will be in contact with you to process your referral. To make a referral, please call our office at 985.868.3095 or toll free at 888.893.3829.

 Positions Available:



  • Appropriate training and skills to provide spiritual counseling, such as Bachelor of Divinity, Master of Divinity or equivalent theological degree or training.
  • Acceptable driving record and criminal background check.
  • Current Driver’s License


  • Visit patients/families and provide spiritual counseling.
  • Serve as a liaison and support to community chaplains and spiritual counselors.
  • Attend IDT meetings
  • Provide funerals, prayer service, and sacraments for patients and families as needed.

Job Type: Part-time

Call 985-868-3095 for more information, send resume’ to