Transitioning your family member into hospice care is an emotionally demanding process. Caregivers require assurance that their loved one is being placed with qualified and caring custodians. The State of Louisiana has outlined hospice regulations and requirements to maintain health care standards. At Hospice of South Louisiana, we stringently uphold all of Louisiana’s hospice regulations, and we excel past state-mandated requirements. We are dedicated to providing attentive care to our patients and comprehensive support for their families. For your comfort, we’ve outlined Louisiana’s hospice regulations. Our guide provides a transparent view of the standards that ensure your loved one’s well-being.


Louisiana Hospice Licensure

According to Louisiana Administrative Code Chapter 82, which outlines standards for the licensure of Hospice Agencies, all operating hospices must receive a license from The Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Failure to do so is a felony. There are no alternative, legally recognized licensing institutions in the state of Louisiana.


The Department of Health and Hospitals issues two types of hospice licenses:

  1. Full Licenses: each full license is issued for a set amount of time. Organizations with a full license are allowed to practice hospice care for the duration of their active full license so long as they uphold Louisiana’s hospice regulations.
  2. Provisional Licenses: remain valid for six months or until their expiration date.


The Hospice of South Louisiana’s strict adherence to Louisiana hospice regulations has allowed us to renew our licensure countless times in the decades we’ve been providing hospice services to our community. As per state demands, we proudly display our current license as a badge of honor, showcasing our dedication to the well-being of our patients and their families.


Meeting Survey Standards

The State of Louisiana ensures hospices’ quality by having two standard surveys in place. All hospices must pass an initial survey in order to obtain a license. Additionally, the Department of Health and Hospitals makes an annual, unannounced visit to each hospice and conducts a licensing survey. If the surveyor deems the hospice center unfit for operation, their license will be removed or revoked.


The annual licensing survey guarantees that hospices’ ongoing daily business operations comply with federal, state, and local laws. Hospice of South Louisiana enjoys hosting surveyors because it gives us the opportunity to showcase what a quality hospice care provider can achieve.


Provision of Interdisciplinary Groups

According to Louisiana hospice regulations, each hospice must provide an interdisciplinary group (IDG) who are apple to meet the specialized needs of hospice patients and their families. It is mandated that each hospice provides: a physician, registered nurse, social worker, and pastoral or other counsel.


Hospice of South Louisiana’s IDG is composed of licensed medical professionals and experienced social service providers. Our Medical Director, Dr. Jules Dupont and his Physician Designee, Dr. Camille Pitre are available for any day to day medical needs. We go beyond minimum requirements and provide three highly skilled and dedicated Hospice Physicians: Dr. Michael Marcello, Dr. Kerry Shaver, and Dr. Sarah Knight.


Most of Hospice of South Louisiana’s staff have been at our agency for years. They are highly experienced and dedicated to our patients’ well-being. Our nurses  are on call every day of the year. Even on holidays, Hospice of South Louisiana’s servant-hearted nurses are available to assist our patients.


Hospice of South Louisiana is dedicated to supporting our patients and their family’s quality of life goals. We provide a certified and experienced medical social worker, who is equipped to help our patients attain their wishes and achieve their greatest degree of comfort.


We take a holistic approach, addressing the emotional needs of our patients and their families while providing comfort and ease for their physical ailments. Ray Marcel, RN and Chaplain at Hospice of South Louisiana, provides grief and bereavement counseling services tailored to each person’s needs.


Exceeding Louisiana Hospice Regulations

For over thirty years, Hospice of South Louisiana has been exceeding our state’s hospice regulations. We provide attentive, quality care to our patients and their families. Choosing a hospice care provider carries emotional weight, but it does not mean you or your loved one has given up. Hospice of South Louisiana partners with you to provide support and comfort to your loved one. Our services are backed by a long history of license renewal, seamless annual facility surveys, and staff that exceed the requirements outlined by Louisiana’s hospice regulations.


If you or your loved one are in need of a high-quality, holistic hospice care provider, reach out to our office today. We would love to help you craft a personalized care plan.