We’re glad you’re visiting. We created this site for all of you who are caring for someone facing a serious illness. We want you to know that you don’t have to walk this road alone. We’re here to help you find information, resources, advice, and support. We’ve posted many resources here, insights gained over years of experience.

We’d like you to consider what hospice can bring to your loved one as well as to you as their caregiver. It is about what life can still be for your loved one. We offer hope – hope for comfort, for peace, for living every available moment. As a caregiver, we also focus on you, helping you have the support, tools, knowledge and resources you need to fulfill this important role you’ve embarked upon.

So through this Blog, we’ll share insights and experiences from those who have been in your shoes. Here you will find information on options and choices in end of life care. Our main message to you, whether you’re caring for someone or are facing a serious illness yourself, is that you are not alone.

We’re here to bring comfort, choices, and options. We want to empower you or your loved one to live more fully, more completely and more in control. As you consider hospice, it will help to understand how hospice care can support the many needs of your loved one and what support hospice can offer you and your family.

Visit us often, and if you need more help than you can find here, please call us. We’re here for you.